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Mobile phone charger standard and international
Date:2018-01-13 09:35:52    Source:THK    Views:

Left a MicroUSB interface two left right a standard USB interface to MiniUSB interface

NetEase technology - June 30th news, "mobile phone charger standard and international standard China is fully compatible, users can rest assured that the use,"director He Guili China Theil laboratory Telecom Research Institute Ministry of industry and information technology said today on NetEase. Earlier today, the European Commission announced a major global mobile phone manufacturers haveagreed to mobile phone charger uniform, this is a good thing for consumers and the environment protection.

The global mobile phone manufacturers the total annual sales of mobile phone is more than 1200000000, in China annually is the replacement of mobile phoneexceeded 100000000, because the mobile phone manufacturers charger cannot beused interchangeably, resulting in a large number of chargers idle and waste of resources.

In June 14, 2007 our country started the implementation of mandatory national standard mobile phone charger, at the terminal of a power transformer using USB interface unified global mobile phone, but in the end, Chinese national standards do not strict rules. In order to solve this problem, the mobile terminal platform open organization (OMTP) launched last year on a unified standard mobile phone chargerglobal, OMTP standards will be used on the Micro USB standard interface for mobile phone charging.

Micro USB is a portable version of USB2.0, Mini USB interface is smaller than most of the current mobile phone use, N85, V8 etc. Nokia Motorola mobile phone already uses the Micro USB interface as the mobile phone charger, through a Micro USB interface can be simultaneously to the mobile phone charging and data transmission.

He Guili said, "mobile phone side of the national standard interface is being developed, the fastest will be completed during the year." It is understood, Micro USB interface is very likely to be adopted.

"The OMTP standard and the national standard can be regarded as the relationship between the OMTP standard contains, relatively more detailed, in other words, with OMTP standard products must comply with the national standard" in China, ZTEintelligent mobile phone general manager Lin Qiang on NetEase technology said, "canthe international standards and national standards to achieve coordinated development, can not form a mutually control of the situation, ZTE mobile phonemostly sold to overseas market, believe that the domestic manufacturers soon will also support the international standard."

Held in February this year Barcelona Spain GSMA Mobile World Congress, includingNokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Wo Dafeng, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm, 17 of the world’s mobile operators and mobile phonemanufacturers jointly announced the use of Micro USB interface as a standard mobile phone charger interface, and work to make it a cross industry standard universalcharger.

Because the manufacturers to replace the existing production equipment andprocessing inventory needs some time, mobile phone charger worldwide use Microunified USB interfaces in 2012 is expected to popularize. (Zhang Hao) (the source of this paper: NetEase technology report)

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