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The connector performance test code
Date:2018-01-25 14:26:00    Source:THK    Views:

Above the connector of various types of tests, can be respectively composed of the following all kinds of test unit project to form.

Electrical performance test

Environment performance test

The mechanical performance test

A. electrical performance test

The main test items and the introduction is as follows:

Withstand voltage test: the purpose is to verify the electric connector can work safely under rated working voltage, and verify the ability of tolerance due to instantaneouscaused conversion, surge and other similar phenomena over voltage.

Insulation resistance: the purpose is to establish the insulating materialsDetermination of electrical connectors and the seals in produces a DC voltage effect of leakage current of these elements surface or through its internal resistance, the presented method.

Contact resistance: the purpose is through the provisions of current measurements using the contact ends of millivolt drop, to determine the overlap a certain length of wire plug electric connector combination of contact resistance.

Shell electric continuity: the purpose is to determine the electrical continuity of electrical connector shell in use under the conditions of the simulation

Permeability: the purpose is to verify whether the sample permeability is lower than the prescribed value.

B. environment performance test

The main test items and the introduction is as follows:

Salt spray: the purpose is to determine the electric connector is exposed in the saltsolution spray atmosphere controlled in the electric connector component, a surface treating layer, the influence of mechanical structure and electrical parameters allows.

Damp heat test: to determine the electrical connector in high temperature and highhumidity conditions adaptability

Temperature cycle: in order to determine exposure in simulated storage electric connector, the worst conditions may occur in the process of transportation and usethe ultimate high temperature, extreme low temperature, and exposure in the limit of high and low temperature alternating impact tolerance.

Low pressure impregnation: validation of a pair of inserting electric connectorassembly connector to wire interface sealing sealing ability for simulation from the high altitude decreased rapidly and followed by a moisture condensation water.

Temperature life: to determine the electrical connector exposure within the stipulated time caused by the impact of the electrical connector electrical characteristics and mechanical characteristics in the environment of high temperature in.

Ozone exposure: the ability to determine the electrical connector tolerated a certain amount of ozone action.

Fire protection: in order to determine the ability of connect the wire and plug electric connector together in special standard flame temperature after a certain time flame.

Liquid immersion exposure: determine the ability of specific liquid in the process of itsservice life may come into contact with the resistance to deterioration in electrical connector.

Low temperature and low pressure: the simulation under the condition of low temperature working condition and the actual use, the test voltage is applied in simulated altitude condition situation.

C. mechanical performance test

The main test items and the introduction is as follows:

Impact: the purpose is to determine the applicability of electrical connectors and accessories in the bear rough handling, transportation and military action to the impact.

Vibration: the purpose is to determine by the electric connector during its lifetime may be encountered in the main band or random vibration frequency range and amplitudeby the influence of vibration condition

Cable pull off: the aim is to check the cable or electric connector bearing capacity of axial tension load of the accident.

Constant acceleration: the purpose is to bear ability connector using accelerationenvironment expected verification electric, to ensure that in this environment the product structure and performance failure.

Impact: the aim is to determine the ability of tolerance and fall in the separationelectric connector may be encountered on the ground impact. This test applies only to the design accords with the requirement of the electric connector.

Mechanical life: the aim is to determine the electrical connector or contact by insertingseparation circulation influence, this separation of inserting is the life of the mechanical simulation of electric connector using period.

Insulator installation plate is fixed: the purpose is to determine the fixing mechanism ofinsulator in the electric connector and the adaptability of the insulator material strength, and the ability to establish electrical connector contact insert tolerancecombined axial load and separation force generated by the.

The contact piece is fixed: the purpose is to apply an axial force contact in the electric connector, the electric connector to determine the tolerance of the contact component generates the correct displacement position from the electrical connector insulator in the force and the ability of tolerance to contact unloosening ability.